20 October 2010

itS Me..just Me okay.. is a lil biT BouT me, I Came From  Town Called KeningaU. .Nothing special Bout Me but I like Reading Books to spend my Free TiME...My eNglish Is not Well as u ol But Im Prefer using English sOmetimes...mcm sekaranglah...coz kaDAng-kadaNg mcm jiWang kalo Guna used to be wit my family when im feel bored,Stress Or hopEless...soMeother Time i sPend My fRee Time With My Beloved Fren..but Nw she further studies at Australia in Economic Field...I'll Go there soon heheee..hope so la kn...Okayla..mcm teda idea ja mau Tulis ni..taulah kalo mc Newbie ni kan hehee..