11 May 2011

we came here for a reason

do you ever feel down and no one trust you when u r confident bout dat things? do u ever rejected by others even though u try to be honest? do you feel like u just get dumped while u r trying to be good? do u ever feel dat u r pretty clumsy when things are not as we think? then do u feel like u r totally useless? if u not then u seem to be the person who just pretending urself.then if yes its normal....hey feeling like dat is not heavy things as u think u r...sometimes when the things not happen just like we expected b4 then let it be...u might think u r such a loser who cant even hold onto dat things but yet there is precious things u'll never afford to buy....a pain we get and an experience in exchange.. aunt was really shock when her loving husband had gone forever...she's like losing her grip,walking in a dark path and living for nothing......what shud u do when the person dat close to u losing their hope?what will u say to calm her? a good person is not about u can talk to them when needy but a good person is to make sure u still can breath while u living in this world...and im the one who will try and make sure she can live happily as i promise it to myself even though we will never said it b4..i'll promise the way be good or not is not important. wats importants is ur faith and also ur sincererity...thanx to u ol for being wit me till i knw the amazing of hope,life,love and God...thanx

Bagaimana Meletakkan Header dalam blog

i am a newbie in a world of blogging..and need so much help from others..i had found out one of the blog who can answer me...yeahhh say thanx to for dat info......thanx so much...dis is really help me...

Ikut langkah-langkah mudah di bawah ini.
1. Sila Login ke blogger menggunakan USERNAME dan PASSWORD anda
2. Setelah masuk ke bahagian Dashboard, klik Layout
3. Anda akan lihat susunan Element blog anda.
4. Kemudian cari Preview (Header).
5. Klik Edit pada kotak Preview(Header) tersebut.
6. Sebuah window pop-up akan muncul.
7. Lihat bahagian pada image.
8. Anda boleh upload terus gambar header anda dari komputer.
9. Klik SAVE.

confession of my heart

when u read or just have a glance bout my blog then im sorry for my spelling and typing error..i notice dat some of the sentences need to add and put a words to connect them but yet im still not in the right time to do feel sory bout dat.....