17 April 2011


well, the more i learn the more i gain input....wohoooo....dont call it ridiculous man..its about life its not fake the way im in process of loving everyone and im sure its take time to be......but atleast some here i'l gv nice shot for them who be with me almost every day...
fyi i still in progress to be a future teacher and yet im about to finish my course...i've surround nice persons indeed..okay lets start from here....(i bet u dont knw wat im going to do b4 im keep writing n u keep reading rite?)

BiNa = she's nice girl with a sport talented bcz she can play any types of games and loves sport i think....she 
             tend to be strict in foods......

Bet = she is very kind and caring person..she willing to help u whether she's in trouble too...she will t.cre of u
          when she listed u as her friends.

cinDy = i dnt nw but for the 1st time i saw her,i like to be wit her espcly making joke,easily laugh and never
              geting annoy..i safe to do watever with her from the start i knw her....cindy u shud knw dis okay 

Joan = she is my besties in class...almost smtmes we had the same view of anything we talk about... we got
            the same stage of joking hahahaaa....joking...yes we like create,imagine and recall any kind of 
            joke...its fun u knw...and its cmfrtble to talk wit her anything include feeling and other stories.

Jessica = she is my 1st person when im here in IPG la kan hehee..she is nice also and love shopping i think.

Fajrin = oh....she is very thing im proud of her is she'l ask fgvness when doing mistake..she knw
            almost everthing about celeb's life hahahaaaa.. i likeeeee...

daYang =  i can describe her as a good friends..u knw..u can trust her babe..sure...dnt worry...she is good
                  supporter and u can talk anything to her also..

nuRul = she is very good in managing and very good in talking any types of story...

sorry yer..just wanna xpress my feeling towards u ol...and also i wanna remind myself dat i shud remembr their kindness and also all the gud things so dat they do the same things also...oh almost forgot dat i had new prens but im in process to knw more bout her...sory for not listed u here..its not my intention but at the same times i wanna learn  more bout u....

my woreld

wowww....long time ago didnt see u ya...yaaaauuuuu sory for dat matter....just wanna talk about im just finishing my practical days which is haapy n smtmes not espcly RPH..well im gonna b a teacher later n dis is my 1st experience 2 b the real my pren said i gain so many things dat i'v never thought b4 hahahaaaa.......lying,pretending and scolding just melt 2gether n by my routines..oh no but for sure i wanna make sure my pupils will get wat the shud hv...okay till promise to b the best teacher as i can.....see u later..bye.....