24 October 2010


1. What are ten reasons someone would be happy to be in a relationship with me?

  • im understanding
  • i dnt like sHouting U even only me n u even u r the 1 who made mistake hehehee..kunun
  • i can cook 
  • i love children
  • i respect u as my part of life
  • i will b wit u if anything happen..hope so but i try k...
  • bcz i lv u so muc
  • i knw u more than anyone n i admit ol da way u r
  • u r my happiness
  • u r my best pren oso....
2. Who are five people I admire for their ability to radiate and share love?
  •  my mom op kos la kn...
  • my family member..
  • my BeloVed oNes
  • Mother Theresa
  • My God
3. What are my five greatest strengths at work?
  • my Spirit
  • people  dat surround me
  • i love to do my work
  • total of my Salary hehehehe mimang la bh kannn..
  • Mud sy ari tu la..depends la kn..kalo x okay bh lain2 la tu...

4. Who are two people I truly admire in business and why?
  • my dad
  • beloved BF
 5. What are ten things I really like to do?
  • wit family
  • travelling
  • shopping
  • reading books
  • teach children hehhee
  • karoke..walaupn suara tidak sedap antam jak la
  • cooking new recipe hehee..paling ku suka ni..
  • business matter..part of my life..kami tida akan jd gini kalo bukan ni business..thanxxxx...
  • lepak2 hehheee
  • tidur..mesti ada dlm sehari kalo tidak..dunia pasti tebalik heheee
6. What are five activities I used to enjoy doing as a child that I wish I did today?
i. playing wit pren till da night come..uii siuk ni..
ii. main panjat-panjat pokok then pergi panjat pokok yang tinggi..sure best punya..
iii. sy mau main getah sebab dulu sy paling terer...
iv. dulu sy laju belari tp sekarang tida suda..
v. mengintip orang wit geng karas...bestnyerrr

7. Who are my most treasured friends and why?
my True pren..dat accept me for who i am..scold me for a reason n teach me to make sure i didnt repeat dat mistake...

8. Looking back at my life, what are three problems from my past that have paved the way for positive growth and how did this occur?
 secret..only me shud knw n HIM...

9.Do I ever create problems to get attention or pay someone back? If so, how?
ewww..pls la...

10 What are ten things I feel grateful for in my life right now?
  • my family
  • my religion
  • my Bf
  • my BFF
  • My carrier
  • my hp/car
  • my monEy investment
  • my lappie
  • my fashion collection


Anonymous said...

u love children?
how about patin?
kekekekekekeke~ :D

CaLLeyDesOuZa said...

mmmmmphhhh..dats my mistake dear....i try 2 be the best but im too poor 2 b dat struggle harder just to b nce to evryone but failed....poor me....but i try to change step by step amen...